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Services We Provide


Whether your asphalt needs include a residential driveway, or a commercial parking lot in a shopping plaza, Peake Asphalt, Inc. is fully experienced and equipped to serve your needs, large or small.


You can always contact us by calling the number at the top left of your screen, or email us by clicking here



We Service Residential and Commercial



Peake Asphalt, Inc. has provided paving and asphalt services for the following areas for both residential and commercial clients in the past.


  • Highways

  • Subdivisions

  • Public and Private streets

  • Public/Municipal Parking lots

  • School Parking lots

  • Play Areas

  • Airport Runways

Paving and Asphalt Services


We welcome all requests for our services, and would be happy to provide an estimate for your unique situation.  Below are some of the types of services we currently provide and are more than qualified to assist you with:


  • New construction

  • Base and sub base grading

  • placing aggregate material

  • furnishing and installing bituminous materials



Repairs and Miscellaneous Services


  • Resurfacing existing asphalt

  • Parking lot and driveway repairs

  • Manhole repairs (Poor drainage issues)

  • Pothole repairs

  • Storm sewer replacement

  • Excavation

  • Temporary winter patching

  • Underground sewers







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